Geological Exploration

According to the territory of more than two million km2, Sudan is considered to be the largest African country. The major part of the territory has a potential to contain gold. The potential for gold mineralization is enormous. The Northern and Eastern parts of the country have been selected as being the most promising areas for further work.


This year, Russian geologists, headed by V.V. Zhukov arrived to Sudan for the first time with the purpose of becoming familiar with Republic’s geology and estimating the possibility to organize the gold extraction.

Nubian Desert

Deluvial fields of fragmental quartz.

Geologists’ Camp


During the reconnaissance field explorations, quartz veins with rich gold content were discovered by geologists from the group of Russian specialists in the North-Eastern part of the country in the province of Neal. A forward evaluation of the prospects of the discovered gold mineralization was conducted.

Gold containing quartz

Quartz vein occurrence measurement


In 2103 the similar reconnaissance explorations were conducted in a big bend of the river Nile, North-Westward of the city of Atbara. Gold mineralization of the gold quartz type was also discovered here. A forward evaluation was conducted

In accordance with the results of conducted reconnaissance explorations, the company applied to the government of the Republic of Sudan with a request for the issuance of licenses for exploration and extraction of gold.

Samples selection

Gold extraction by the gold finders

Artisanal gold miners

Topographical forms

Made with Proterozoic cleaving stones


In accordance with the materials of fieldwork and interpretation of satellite images, a preliminary geologic map of the licensable area with the scale of 1:100000 was constructed.

Geological map

Licensed area


The search and exploration works on the concession blocks have started immediately after receiving the license in the autumn of 2015.

In accordance with the results of channel sampling of the surface mining performance, technological samples for the study of technological properties of ores were selected.

A forward evaluation of the gold resources was received. The discovered resources allow estimating the economic viability of future mining precisely.

Photographic documentation of the observer point

Gold extraction by the local gold finders

Photographic documentation of the observer point


Geological exploration on the concession areas will continue in the second half of the year.

Exploration work on the flanks of the discovered fields and generally on the concession areas will be conducted, using geophysical methods in order to determine the areas of hydrothermally altered refuse stones, covered with sedimentary deposits.

One of the conditions of the qualitative exploration is the high accuracy of gold discovery in the selected samples. The company is primary planning to create the advanced high-performance analytical laboratory, equipped with the most modern equipment.

It is planned to bring the reconnaissance to the stage of the Ore reserves on the priority objects until the end of 2016.

Report on the Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves will be prepared in accordance with the JORC Code (Australia).

Stripping work

Processing of collected materials

Experimental testing operations

Experimental testing operation on the licensed block